Asbestos is a fibrous mineral, which is both naturally occuring in ultramafic rock (a rock commonly found in California), and was used as a processed component of building materials. Asbestos is proven to cause a number of disabling and fatal diseases, such as asbestosis and lung cancer. Asbestos is strictly regulated based on its natural widespread occurance, and in its use as a building material.


The Bay Area Air Quality Management District regulates the demolition and renovation of buildings and structures that may contain asbestos, or milling and manufacturing of materials, which are known to contain asbestos. The provisions that cover these operations are found in the District Regulation 11, Rule 2.


Regulation11-2-303.8 requires that a survey be performed prior to demolition to determine the presence of Regulated Asbestos Containing Material(RACM). The person who performes the survey must be Cal-OSHA certified and have taken and passed an EPA aproved building course.


All Bay Environmental is trained and certified to assist its clients safely and easily reach their goals while limiting health risk and liability.

How We Can Help

  • Performing an asbestos survey prior to demolition or renovation
  • Identifying asbestos containg materials 
  • Oversight of project to insure regulatory compliance and safety
  • Clearance air sampling to insure the regulated area is safe for re-occupancy
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