All Bay Environmental offers clients asbestos and lead paint sample drop off services which are available 24 hrs seven days a week. Please read and follow the directions specified below to ensure that your sample is processed in a timley fashion.  Please follow the directions specified below.


  • Click on the link below to download our chain of custody form (COC)
  • Print COC form and fill out all form fields indicated in red
  • Collect your samples and place each sample in  its own small ziplock bag
  • Sample size can be no more then 3 sqaure inches in size
  • Place samples and completed COC form in an envelop with payment (Check or Cash for after hours drop off)
  • Drop off samples at our field office (seperate location then headquarters)
  • If samples are droped off  durring normal buisness hours credit card payment can be used


Note: Samples will not be processed if any of the following occur.

  1. Sample size is too large (exceeds 3 square inches in size)
  2. Sample is not packaged in an air tight sealed bag (ziplock or the equivilent)
  3. COC form is not filled out completly or missing
  4. No payment is made


Samples should be dropped off to the All Bay Environmental field office which is located at

155 Mast St  #101 Morgan Hilll, CA 95037


All Bay Environmental COC
Please fill out all form fields in red
Adobe Acrobat document [52.9 KB]
Sample Analysis Type 24 Hr (next day) Rush (Same day)
Asbestos 45$ (per sample) 90$ (per sample)
Lead 45$ (Per Sample) 90$ (per sample)


Note: Rush service only available if samples are delivered before 12:00 noon Monday- Friday

All Bay Environmental Headquarters (Mailing Address)
1999 S Bascom Ave 700
Campbell, CA 95008
Phone: 8888082552 8888082552
Fax: 8887898164
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All Bay Environmental Field Office (Sample Drop Off Location)
155 Mast St 101
Morgan Hill , CA 95037
Phone: 8888082552 8888082552
Fax: 8887898164
E-mail Address:

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